Case Study

Benedictos Italian Restaurant take ICRTouch software

ICRTouch's EPoS systems can be used in many different working environments, and ICRTouch Authorised Partner, Langley Business Systems, provided Benedictos Italian Restaurant with a tailored solution. Benedictos is a Worcester-based authentic Italian restaurant that proves extremely popular on weekdays and weekends.

However, due to their popularity and amount of customers they had on weekends, their standards of service began to suffer – they needed a till system that could support their weekend capacity and make sure they retained their high standards.

Now, with ICRTouch TouchPoint tills installed at Benedictos they hit their targets for speed of service without jeopardising the standards of customer service. ICRTouch solutions have also brought additional benefits to their business as manager, Tano Cinao, explains: "It helps us with our stock control, which is unbelievable. So that works amazingly.”

The stock control features on ICRTouch software allow the user to see what products are selling well, and many other important pieces of information that can help you gain a good insight into your stocks. With all of this information and management solutions easily accessible, not only are you able to tailor your sales and marketing plans more specifically, but you are also able to cut your administration time – giving you more time to focus on your team and the customer service.

TouchKitchen kitchen video software was also installed for the chef, which sends orders straight through to a digital screen. Benedictos can keep their tickets organised and prepare meals with ease. It can also show the chef a summary of everything that is on the list to cook. And as Mr Cinao says, "I can see the smile on Chef's face!"